Monday, June 14, 2010


Seriously! I hated running. It made me feel tired, weak and frail. In secondary school, even some girls overtook me in the PE 2.4Km sessions. It was really demoralizing. So why did i decide to start? Well, it wasn't an overnight thingy, nor was it over a few months. It took me years before I fell into it .... seriously;)
I started trying to go for runs with friends and many times ended up bonking (as in failing to catch up). Didn't feel good, NO SIR! You see, the thing with running with friends is that more than always, they are more season a runner than yourself but not to the point where they are able to "coach" you. Thus, you end up running at other people's pace and not your own!
Base training should be the starting goal of any runner. Start slow at your own pace. A pace where only you reside. Feeling and knowing for sure that at this sustained pace, you'll make your goal distance without hitting the wall at the end of it. Base training duration and distance should be slowly increased. Once you are THERE.... then you may start training for speed.
Do read up and try interval/fartlek patterns dished out by the Pros in the magazines. Look, Listen and Feel... Look at how others train, Listen to more experienced runners and feel the workout. Its not necessary to take every advice given.... you are the best gauge so you have to feel the workouts on your own. Know what works for you and what makes you feel strong after repeated training in a particular pattern.
The human body can be trained to perform almost any task and it gets better and better at that task if its trained repeatedly. Its like if you kick a coconut tree everyday...say a 100 kicks....after years of such training, that kick of yours will be well known for sure. The key is consistency! While others are playing, you are running, while others are eating supper, you are running, while others are clubbing, you are running, while others grow fat and old, you are lookin mighty FINE..., while others are stressing over just Passing their IPPT, you are collecting your $400.00.
Its your life.... with mine, i chose to run.

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