Friday, May 28, 2010

Sea Swim Cancelled Till Further Notice

Sea Swim Mornings will be temporarily stopped due to the recent oil spill. You guys are reminded not to turn up for training, unless you like swimming in gunk and dead marine life! Geez...the sea is really soooo big but... Shit HAPPENS...

Not only our weekly morning activity is affected....Biz along East Coast is also badly affected...I hear Chek Jewa is also affected! Really thought our marine life finally got a chance again till now! Who's to BLAME? HUH???
Check out this parrot that we rescued from the oil spill....Simply cannot remove all the oil stains even after 2 washes!

Oh well, you are all encouraged to continue keeping fit by training in the pool and mahjong table ;]

Till the next time we meet.... STAY FOCUSED!

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