Friday, June 18, 2010

The Fastest Stroke in the World

Call it what you like, Freestyle or Front Crawl, this is the fastest, most efficient swim stroke in the world to date! The actual stroke is called Front Crawl while freestyle actually means you can use any style you like in say a 100M Freestyle event. But since everyone wants to win, they'll most likely use the Front Crawl.

Today I'd like to recap about my 30Laps at the Katong pool. Its a base training session so I'm not pushing up the tempo, this gives me a chance to concentrate on stroke technique. I chose to concentrate on 2 things.

My secondary Concern was my New Timex IRONMAN watch. I usually lose count of my laps and gettin a lap counter seems a little apprehensive so when the New Ironman Timex came with Tap Screen Technology, I jumped on it. You see, pressing any buttons of any waterproof watch, underwater, will allow tiny water molecules to enter the watch. This is why you see fogging of your watch face sometimes. With Tap Screen, all I need to do is tap! takes some getting use to. I'll discuss abt this sleek device some other time.

Now to the business at hand. I decided to improve on my flutter kicks. With my feet at Plantar Flex position, I had to remind myself to keep the ankles Floppy but not too floppy as I want to stay in plantar flex position. The kick has to be generated from the thighs and not the knees. All these to be performed while ensuring the depth of the kick does not extend above 30cm. I had to picture in my mind the gracefulness of the fish-like motion as I zip through the water with enforced ease.

Timing of each kick had to be planned. The rhythm I chose was when my hand enters the catch phase, my kicks increases in frequency, I feel that this lengthens my glide. Executing the entire kick phase pattern like a metronome for the whole 30 laps made the whole swim session feel pretty effortless...well ok I stayed within my target heart rate zone so...this is really good for me.

I urge all to try this and let me know your observations!

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