Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weight Loss Vs Looking Goooood

How often do we hear about people wanting to to lose weight? A zillion times I suppose. I would like to point out if "Weight Loss" is really what that person wants or that he or she just wants to "Look Good". You see, although it really is a easy to comprehend kind of issue but many seem to associate weight lost with looking good. In this write up, I would like to make a proper stand on this issue and make it clear that "Weight Loss" is not "Looking Good" and vice versa.

Yes yes I know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just for this article I would like to differentiate the universally attractive sort from the "eyes of the beholder" sort. So to set the record straight we are talking about physical body form and not the facial features of people (of which other than plastic surgery, nothing else can help us). The "GOAL" is the body of a Greek god or goddess. Yeah that's what I'm talkin about!

Now then, lets begin.

Weight Loss maybe be a sub-set of a good looking body. But it doesn't just stop there. Anaroxia springs to mind when we talk about those who simply use "Weight Loss" technique in their attempt to look good. Lets face it. Looking Good = Looking and Feeling Healthy. Anoroxic people are not in the best of health and so they have failed in their attempt if they don't snap out of their sole and over indulgence of controlling calories. The same goes to those who think that controlling your food intake will lead you to the "GOAL".

The journey to Mount Olympus is as easy as calorie counting or pill popping. If it were so, then there will be too many Greek gods and goddesses around, making it simply too common for the appreciation of differentiating mere mortals from the gods isn't it? All Mortals are given the the guide book to attain nirvana but many don't bother to read fully and many only pick and choose the points that they know is easy to acheive. I'm sorry to disappoint but we can't simply read and pratice a few chapters of the Bible and expect to go to heaven. It just does not work this way.

Embarking on this Body Perfect Project requires (in no order):
1) Focus
2) Intelligence
3) Training

YOu know what it means and you know what to do. Its the most essential thing in doing anything with distinction, whether it be studies, sports, sex, whatever and whenever! If you lose Focus, you are just sub standard. So get your game face on and always try your very best to maintain your sanity when the going gets rough. Focus is about sacrifices. You may have to sacrifice a little bit of something or a lot of something. If you want to reach the "Goal" at the fastest time possible, then Focus = full sacrifice!

Weight Loss are for people who are chubby. IF you fall into this catagory then start your calorie counting! Limit your calories by removing gravy and sauce from your meals and NOT removing your meals totally. If you skip your meals, you are not praticing intelligence. Go by proportion! If you are a slave, building pyramids, then yes, eat 5 bowls of rice but most of you are desk bound so don't go for that extra bowl or that up-size crap! You don't need to waste your time trying to burn what you just ate and instead you should try burning what you hate, that bulge.
With the internet or a whole army of fitness or sports coaches, you'll be sopilt of choice. Read and practice, engage and pratice with motivation!
Always start using low weights and start with short distances in your training. Increase gradually to prevent injury. Once you get injured, you could loose FOCUS and the whole Trinity will crumble! So stay smart and know when to push your limits. Differntiate laziness from fatigue!

Strength (weights) and Cardio training are a must and the 2 MUST be practiced in alternating unision. Training requires dedication and perserverence. USe the mirror to monitor your progress. You have got to be IN IT to WIN IT! Many people like to train with a buddy. While thats all good but you'll tend to slack when your buddy is not around. One needs intrinsic motivation. The kind of motivation that comes from inside you. Don't rely on others, they are human and they will fail you. Don't forget to take the path less travelled. Don't forget that not everyone will make it (although everyone can). Why be a buddhist when you can be a Buddha? Broad is the way that leads to destruction, narrow is the the way to........

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