Monday, April 26, 2010

Bike Racing Again...after what? 15years?

Can't believe I actually took the offer to take over another cyclist in the recent Team Time Trial on Sat 25th Apr 10. The race was organized by Cyclone. Haven't touch my trusty steed for more than a poor Ordu...Anywayz...gotta dust off and get my ass on it for the team and mostly for the fun of it. Man...I'm no runner thats for sure, but I can ride my bike for sure!

Thanks Su and Tony for picking me up early in the morning after my Zhang Breakfast. Been a long time since I woke up at 6am....Jeez.. We train so hard to take part in races only to hate waking up on the actual day!

Met up with the team, had some short discussion with the boys...2 rounds of light warm up in the rain! Oh man...and off to the start point. Honestly, I've never felt this calm in an event....maybe I kept tellin myself:"Aiya, I'm just fillin in for someone only mah...", but I do know I'll do my best to keep the team together. we go...

Quick check on the speedo.....Waa LAo eh....38km/h..effortless...must be tail wind...enjoy while we can....coz when we U-turn its Tao Hong aka head WIND! Shit.

Last rider cracked...leaving the minimum 3 riders.... WE MUST STICK TOGETHER! and....we did. But boy did we suffer in the tao hong...wind was really mean...F#%$#. Almost made me puke trying to pull the guys....heng everyone took turns to feel pukie...

Its was over....Strangely the feel was unlike all my previous years of racing bikes.....This time I felt OK? Ha....shared burden of a team makes hellalot of diff. Mave, Merv and friendships to be forge...great guys..ORBEA Team....wicked cool bikes:

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